Santosh Baral

Malepatan-5, Pokhara, Nepal

Santosh Baral is an 18-year-old student, currently studying A levels in GBS. Apart from high school, he has been working as a part-time blogger and web developer.He also does bug hunting in the most popular websites making him a full-time learner. With 1 and a half years of experience, he is pretty familiar with all the tools and tricks in the field of cybersecurity and web development. .


Web Developer

I have been learning about web development for the last 1.5 years and I have some experience as a web developer. I have been running 4 sites for different purpose such as a blog, portfolio, and personal use. Somehow if someone asks me to develop a site then I am sure that I can complete that task according to my experience.

October 2019

Cybersecurity Researcher

I have been in the field of cybersecurity for the last 1.5 years. Till that time I learn how to secure the system. Being in this field I have done that much interesting things but somehow I was able to find some bugs on Facebook.

October 2019


I have been in the field of blogging for the last 1.5 years and I was able to learn a lot about blogging. I have been running two blog site where I share some tips and tricks as well as my findings also. I have used Wordpress for blogging purpose as I feel it easy for blogging. With all the experience I was able to rank some of my posts at google search 1st page.

October 2019


From class 8 to till now I have been learning various programming languages. Till now I haven't done any stuff related to programming. I have some basic knowledge of QBASIC, Python, JS and C programming. And I am still learning to programme as I am poor at this programming stuff.

October 2019


Step By Step Higher Secondary School


GPA: 3.30

2005 - 2018

Gandaki Boarding School

Cambridge International AS And A Level

Current study

July 2018 - Current


Programming Languages & Tools


Apart from all this, I am interested in networking and I try to learn something new about networking every day. I also love to do some video and photo editing stuff.

Besides all this thing I love to watch movies and listen to songs. I spend most of my time learning all about cybersecurity, programming and networking stuff.

Finding & Achievement

  • Facebook New Account Verification Bypass. September 2019
  • Got 3 months of free VIP access to Iflix for help with a bug. Januray 2019
  • Undeletable Comment Facebook Page Bug. (Dulpicate) October 2019
  • Account Takeover With Bruteforce(Facebook Issue) (Research/Finding) October 2019
  • Wordcamp Pokhara 2019 Speaker December 2019
  • More Will be added soon... Coming Soon..